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Renae Morton/Owner & Elite Stylist- Lucy Pop Salon, Nashville TN

29 Oct
  • Renae's Magical and Mysterious Closet- A Jeffery Campbell, Betsy Johnson & Vintage Aztec Laced Treasure Trove

List 3 words that describe who you are as a person:  genuine, intuitive, intelligent

From what sources do you draw your inspiration ?  music, pop culture, weird fashion mags, nature’s color palettes and textures, girls (not the band….real girls and how they put things together) unexpected combinations.

How did you wind up in the “Beauty” industry? just following my lifelong obsessions.

List some current obsessions: The National , Nylon, Flipboard for the iPad, instagram, whiskey & ginger ale with limes, Jeffery Campbell, white sage, essential oils, stones for my medicine bag, Cat Power,horrormovies, holistic pet careAudrey Kitching (i know i know),astrology, Steve Jobs,The Artist’s Way

Describe your aesthetic in one sentence: 
My aesthetic is 3 parts Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, 1 part southern charm, 2 parts indie girl band, and a side of vintage with a dash of Aztec.  This translates into pretty much my entire life…work, home, and wardrobe.

 What is the weirdest thing a stranger has ever said to you?  You must be from London….or do you work for a magician? (in the ACE Hotel NYC elevator)

Name a Book, Movie and Band that has challenged you (creatively): If You Have to Cry Go Outside by Kelly Cutrone…challenges me to be my best at work and life.  Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette has challenged me to create the movie’s aesthetic in my surroundings.  The Rolling Stones – their sound, look, and swagger inspire me to tone down the frilly feminine stuff and insert sexy, rock ‘n roll coolness.

Name the Best and Worst all time trend or craze: Best : pastel hair….it works for everyone from middle schoolers to 80 year olds and it is rad.  Worst:  chunky, stripy hair color a’la the 90’s

Describe your dream project…who would you be working with, what would you be doing, what’s the theme, where would you be: My dream project would be for Zink magazine, working with their production team to create a high fashion layout that is inspired by the aurora borealis ( Northern Lights)   I would be creating the hair and makeup looks and we would have to shoot in Scandinavia, or somewhere where we could capture the Northern Lights as part of the project. 

What is the most important thing life has taught you thus far? LISTEN to your intuition!       

If you had to trade lives with any celebrity dead or alive, who would you be? AHHH…tough one!  Either Juliette Lewis or Betsey Johnson.

What is your ultimate artistic goal? To inspire others in my industry and create new energy and ideas that really change the game.

Make up a question and answer it:  What’s your ultimate vacation spot?  The Mayan temples/ruins in Central America.

For more information on Renae visit: LUCY POP SALON

(Closet & asylum of the insane photo’s Courtesy of Brannon Morton & Tri Photo courtesy of Chuck Arlund)

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